School Fees for 2017-2018


Below are the details of school fees for the 2017/2018 school year. If you have any questions concerning these fees, please feel free to contact us.


School Fees

Elementary textbook rental fees are waived by Palliser Regional Schools for this school term. The following fee structure will be in effect for the 2017/2018 school year:

                                Kindergarten:            Grade 1 - 6:

Technology Fee:               -----                         $35.00

Local Fee:                       $10.00                      $10.00

Total                              $10.00                       $45.00


School fees & Early Learning program fees can now be paid online. Visit School Cash Online to pay fees.


Early Learning Program Fees

The fee for E.L.P. students is $80 per month for two half days of programming per week. Early Learning Program fees can now be paid online, or we will accept ten post-dated cheques made payable to Palliser Regional Schools and dated for the first of each month from September to June. These will be forwarded to the Palliser office and deposited on the first of each month and a receipt will be issued.